Buckland Dafflin-Mitchell House Friendship Hall Edmondson House
Trinity United Methodist Church
Trinity United Methodist Church
Photograph Courtesy C.Hurley
Houses of Worship
Like many other colonial settlements East New Market welcomed those escaping religious persecution in Europe.

That was until the ascension to the British throne of Anglicans William and Mary. Protestantism was declared the "church of state" until the American Revolution guaranteed religious liberty. Trinity United Methodist Church was built in 1845. This and the Baptist Church are two of a number of faith communities in the town today.
Baptist Church
Baptist Church

Some other notable historic church structures include the following:

St. Stephan's Episcopal Church
Inside and out St. Stephan's Episcopal Church is a charming house of worship. The first of at least three known early churches in the town was built in 1794, the second in 1805, though its fate is unknown. St. Stephan's was designed in the Romanesque Revival style and still has many of it is original interior details.

St. Stevens Episcopal Church
St. Stephan's Episcopal Church Interior
Photograph Courtesy C.Hurley
St. Stevens Episcopal Church Exterior
St. Stephan's Episcopal Church Exterior
Photograph Courtesy C.Hurley

Mount Zion Methodist Episcopal Church
This center of the black community was built in 1880. It is known architecturally for its various wood shingle patterns. The property was also a home to a building which was once a school for African American children built in 1882.

Salem German Evangelical Church
Salem German Evangelical Church
Photograph Courtesy C.Hurley

Salem German Evangelical And Reformed Church
In 2002 this church was thoroughly renovated and converted to a private home after being abandoned for many years. It was built in 1888 and may be one of the oldest structures of this denomination in Maryland.

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in some of the historic places in East New Market.

Historic Homes of East New Market:
  • Buckland
  • Dafflin-Mitchell House
  • Edmondson House
  • Friendship Hall
  • New Market House

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  • Some information on these pages has been provided from the notes of Marc Bramble.

    Some information on these pages was found in:
    "Between The Nanticoke and the Choptank - An Architectural History of Dorchester County, Maryland;" Edited by Christopher Weeks, with contributions by Michael O. Bourne, Geoffrey Henry, Catherine Moore, Calvin Mowbray, M. Fred Tidwell.
    Published in 1984 by The Johns Hopkins University Press and The Maryland Historical Trust

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