Buckland Dafflin-Mitchell House Friendship Hall Edmondson House
Millenson Store
Millenson Store: - at the cross roads circa 1920
Public Places & Schools
East New Market first served as a center of trade between Native Americans and European settlers.

The town's original trading post was moved to Academy Street and now serves as a public meeting place for the Town Council, Zoning and Historic commissions. A number of now private homes once served as taverns or hotels. These included: the LeCompte Tavern, the Thomas "Red Head" Helsby Tavern, the Daffin-Mitchell House (also known as the East New Market Hotel), and the Bramble House. During the second decade of the 20th century prosperity inspired a number of building projects for use by the public including a new school, Millenson's Store, the Bank and the Masonic hall. A number of schools have operated in the town. Mount Zion Methodist Episcopal Church once had a school for African American children which was built in 1882 but has been unused since the 1940's. The following are other public historic spaces of note.

Banck circa 1920
Bank circa 1920

East New Market Bank
Located in the center of town this bank was built by the Eastern Shore Trust Company in 1909. The structure was demolished in the late 20th century.

The East New Market Female Academy
Now used as a storage barn the East New Market Female Academy was built in 1853 as private boarding school for girls. They charged $8 per term for room and board. Lights and music lessons were extra.

East New Market High School - circa 1900
East New Market High School - circa 1900
East New Market High School - 1912
East New Market School Apartments
Photograph Courtesy C.Hurley
The East New Market High School
The original High School was called New Market Academy and began operation in 1818. In 1912 a larger brick building was built near by. After an addition in the 1930's, the school remained in use until the 1970's. It has been used in part for town offices. Now the building provides residential space.

Sherman Institute
A private boarding school, was built in the early-mid 1800's by Captain Thomas B. Sherman who ran one of the first merchant steam vessel services between the Eastern Shore and Baltimore.

Realty Building
Realty Building: at the cross roads circa 1920

The Realty Building
This was built in 1915 after a fire destroyed a number of small shops there the year before. At the center of the town's commercial area, this building has been home to real estate offices, a drug store, and a grocery.

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Historic Homes of East New Market:
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  • Friendship Hall
  • New Market House

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  • Some information on these pages has been provided from the notes of Marc Bramble.

    Some information on these pages was found in:
    "Between The Nanticoke and the Choptank - An Architectural History of Dorchester County, Maryland;" Edited by Christopher Weeks, with contributions by Michael O. Bourne, Geoffrey Henry, Catherine Moore, Calvin Mowbray, M. Fred Tidwell.
    Published in 1984 by The Johns Hopkins University Press and The Maryland Historical Trust

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